I hate winter. Alternate title: Thank you Delta for getting me the heck out of town before Snowmageddon 2

I am writing this post from my hotel room in Orlando, Florida.
(It's a Holiday Inn Express, and yes, in fact I DO feel smarter today. Thanks for asking.)

This time yesterday I was FREAKING OUT that I wouldn't make it to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration because of the snow storm the weathermen were forecasting. I had a hotel room booked at the Westin at Detroit Metro, but that was only going to insure that I was at the airport on Wednesday morning - not that I would actually get OUT of the airport.

I called Delta numerous times yesterday to see if I could change my flight. I could - for $290. That wasn't going to happen. And then, at 4:30 yesterday afternoon something told me to check the Delta Web site again and wouldn't you know it - Michigan was added to the list of states that would be affected by snow! And this meant I could do a one-time change to my flight without any charge or penalty (love you, weather vouchers!).

I said "let's do it!" and the lovely Delta rep said "I can get you on a flight at 7:55 p.m." Oh. My. Gosh. That meant I had 90 minutes to finish packing and get my butt to Detroit Metro. And find a hotel for two nights in Orlando. [I was in a total state of panic by now - crying, sweating, freaking out...the whole nine yards].

I changed my flight and told the Delta rep that she was a saint and that I loved her. (No, really. I did.). I called the first hotel that came up on Expedia and made my reservation. I called Kevin and told him to get home NOW.

We made it to DTW by 6:25 pm - just in time. I checked in. Went through security. And then, breathed a small sigh of relief as I walked to my gate.

I had made it.
I beat the snow.
Mother Nature did NOT win.
I was going to the Celebration.

Sadly there are several other moms who aren't going to be able to make it because of the weather. I am still sending positive, warm thoughts their way -- hoping that some sort of miracle happens and they can get a flight or get out of their driveways and drive down here!

I talked to Kevin this morning and Snowmageddon 2 was already happening. Olivia's school was closed. Airports were reporting delays. It was going to get ugly. I am so happy that I made it out last night.

I will be posting as much as I can this week -- I'm sure I will have some amazing tales to tell from the Social Media Moms Celebration.

Right now though...I'm going to go stare at some palm trees.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for understanding my insanity and my need to get down here for this.
Thanks to my mom for that extra spending money ... I will use it wisely.
Thanks to my girls for the picture book you made me ... it makes me cry each time I look at it.


  1. Thanks! I'm very happy to be down here...and fun is certainly on the agenda :)

  2. So glad to hear you made it!! I am currently at the office down the street for Sylvania! It is bad!! Already at a level 1 ! Thankfully you are not here for this!

  3. stacy - i am so happy i was able to get out before the snow! be careful on your commute home!

  4. Glad you made it safe and sound....have fun!

  5. Have a great time!! SO glad you beat the snow!