A true story about me and Abraham Lincoln

Olivia found a penny this morning in her coat pocket.

She told me that they were learning about Abraham Lincoln in school, and that she knew he was the face on the penny.

And then she said, "And, did you know that there was a guy who didn't like him and so he shot him and then Abraham Lincoln died."

Um, yeah...I did know that.
(Is this what they teach in kindergarten now?)

And then I told Olivia that I have the same birthday as Honest Abe.*

This is the conversation:

Me: Did you know mommy has the same birthday as Abe Lincoln?

Olivia: No. When is it?

Me: February 12th. See (points to calendar) it says "Abraham Lincoln's birthday".

Olivia: Mommy, what year were you born?

Me: 1973.

Olivia: Holy cow! Is that the same year Abraham Lincoln was born?

Me: Um, no.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.
I don't think I look 201 years old.

*I should note that as a child I thought it was SO COOL to have the same birthday as Abe Lincoln. I was a weird kid.


  1. HAHAHA! that is too cute! I love conversations like this with kids, they are hilarious :)

  2. I LOVE conversations with kids as well. They have zero filter and their logic is AWESOME.