I couldn't make this up if I wanted to...

My darling 3 year old came running into the kitchen 30 minutes ago yelling "potato chip in my nose! potato chip in my nose!"

Sure enough, there is a potato chip IN HER NOSE.

It's stuck. I can't get it out. She can't blow it out.

And so, we are headed to the doctor's office for 'potato chip removal'.

I find a bit of humor in this because when Olivia was 3 she stuck a PAIR of pink Polly Pocket shoes up her nose. Read the full story here, here, and here.

Apparently there is something in my kid's genes that makes them want to stick things up their noses!

(And yes, in case you're wondering, Emma WAS eating potato chips at 9:30 in the morning. Why? Because some battles just aren't worth fighting. She wanted chips. I didn't want to listen to her crying and whining if she didn't get them. Clearly I am not in the running for mother of the year.)

Editor's note: 12:42 pm:
After a short trip to the doctor's office (and the required $25 copay), the potato chip is OUT. All it took was a little saline nose spray and a few good "nose blows" and the darn thing came flying out. The chip in question was more of a crumb...about the size of a pencil eraser. So, the lesson here is: if I would stock my medicine cabinet with nasal spray I could have saved myself $25. Unreal.


  1. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious. (not for you or her though!) And I can't believe you have to go get it removed and it won't come out!!!!

    No judgement here.... my kids eat crazy things for breakfast... at which I'm just happy they are getting some calories!

  2. Lol. I am certain that one day Lila and I will experience this, as well.

    Hope the retrieval went well. ;)

  3. Mother of the year? What's that?? I'm certainly not in the running...

    When Matthew was about that age, we had to extract both a bead and a bean from his nose within a two week period... Sigh...

  4. Ha! When I was little, my 2 older brothers crammed a penny up my nose. I remember having to go to the Dr. to have it removed too! Boys!

  5. Glad she's ok (and that you are ok too!).

    I was singing "pants on the ground" when I read chip in my nose.

  6. Hilarious!! I totally understand picking the right battles!!

  7. So, you really DID blog about it! :)

    Not the kind of Friday one would love to have, huh!

    ...and I still think you have a shot at Mother of the Year, unless of course you are running against Carolina Mommy! ;)

    (...and yes, I realize she may read that!)

  8. Debbie - of course I blogged about it! LOL. And I highly doubt that Carolina Mommy reads my blog. hahaha :)

  9. Oh goodness, got to love the things kids will do! Glad the potato chip retrieval went well!!

  10. This was too funny! (I am coming in from The Girl Next Door.)

  11. kids... sure keep you going... And I think maybe I should get some nose spray in case my 3 year old ever tries this....