Feel Good Friday - It's been a good week

Have you noticed how Friday just seems to sneak up on you?
I swear it was JUST Monday.

But I digress.

OK...so the title says "it's been a good week" - that might be a slight exaggeration. In reality, it's been an "OK" week. Not bad, but not great either. It's just been....meh.

But, I can find five things that made me happy this week:

1. Oh my goodness, spring might have sprung! Well, at least for a few days it did. It's been sunny, warm and lovely here in northwest Ohio this week. (Except, as I type this it's foggy and a bit 'cool' outside). The girls and I were able to go outside and color the driveway and ride bikes. And. It. Was. Lovely. [And I do realize it won't last. It's going to rain all weekend and be in the 40s. As it should be in Ohio in March. Oh well.]

2. Soft serve ice cream! There is a reason I can't lose weight in the summer. It's called Mr. Freeze - our local soft serve 'hot spot'. It really is the BEST soft serve ice cream. EVAH. (No, Disney folks, I'm not saying it's better than Dole Whip. It's in a whole different category.) Mr. Freeze is only open from March through October and of course, that means it's open now! We went the other night and let me tell you, that "white mountain sundae" was heavenly.

3. Funny girls! Thanks to the warm weather, my kids have a serious case of spring fever. Case in point - for the past two days they have been spending their days running around the house IN THEIR BATHING SUITS. I kid you not. They 'play' swimming pool in the living room and keep asking "mommy when does the pool open?" Um, June 1st. That's when the pool opens. Be patient, please.

4. Steroids! I've been miserable for the past several weeks (see here). So, I went back to the doctor's office yesterday and she put me on steroids for a week. I don't want to jinx my "recovery" but my itchy, dry skin feels a bit better already. And this makes me happy.

5. Movie night! Tonight, I am headed out with my sister and our friends to see "Remember Me" and I cannot wait. Yes, I know how it ends (I always read spoilers, I can't help it. I also read the last chapter of most books before I start the first chapter. I'm weird that way.). An eagerly anticipated movie with great friends who make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts the next day? Doesn't get much better than that.

So...do you want to feel good on Friday too?
Join in here!


  1. Sneaking in from Feel Good Friday. Your post makes me want ice-cream and of course the one place here that we like to go to on occasion isn't open yet.

    Spring fever here as well. I like winter, but I'm so ready for some good spring weather to arrive.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. My soft serve place opens in 3 days!!!! 3 days!!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!?!?

    Oh and Mr. Freeze has nothin' on Scoops! ;)

  3. 3 days? You best get yourself some soft serve before that baby shows up! LOL.

    Scoops? Oh, I love the name! Where is this Scoops located?

  4. My oldest girl used to do the swimsuit thing too! With a beach blanket! I would make her put on warmer clothes, though because she would always pick the coldest day of the winter :-)

    THank you so much for doing FGF!!!

  5. Great FGF items. I always read the last pages of a book too.
    I used to have picnics on the kitchen floor in winter. I would move the table aside and put a tablecloth on the floor.
    Playing swimming sounds good.