The proof is in the potty

After MONTHS of tears, frustration, agonizing and many, many dollars spent on Pull-Ups, it has finally happened!!!

Emma. Is. Potty. Trained.

It is a miracle.
Or at least it feels like one.

I really was beginning to doubt if this day would ever happen. We have been fighting (literally on some days) for months about this. Ever since her 3 year 'well check' when the pediatrician essentially scolded me because (GASP!) Emma wasn't yet potty trained...I have been waiting for this day.

We tried everything on the road to potty training.
We bribed her.
We yelled. (Which, for the record, DOES NOT work).
She cried.
I almost cried a few times.
We begged.
We pleaded.
We bargained ("If you pee on the potty we'll buy you a Leapster. Or a pony. Or an Annual Pass to Walt Disney World.")**

Nothing worked.

This potty time struggle went on for weeks and weeks.
I was beginning to think that Emma would forever be in Pull-Ups.

And then, this week something clicked.
The light went on.
And the proof was in the potty.

Now, Emma is refusing to wear a Pull-Up for anything (even at bedtime...but we fought her on that and won. She's not quite ready for the all-night-without-a-Pull-Up marathon.)

She is SO proud of herself and what she has accomplished!
It only took 6 1/2 months of trying...but she did it!

Every time she runs to the bathroom Kevin and I look at each other and (1) smile and (2) breath a huge sigh of relief.

She's a big girl now!

**Emma's "reward" for potty training success? A Buzz Lightyear, just like the one in Toy Story. Totally her choice. She's so happy about Buzz that she now takes him everywhere.


  1. This totally reminds me of the potty training struggles with my daughter. Her's was a long road as well which included the bribes, tears, and frustration.
    Congrats to you and your daughter. It's a happy day indeed!

  2. I was getting ready to write a post on frustrations of potty training. So thank you for this. I have hope..... kind of.

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