See what happens when I neglect my blog?

The entire background design disappears and no one tells me.

What the heck?

Lucky for me (and the blog) I was able to fix it.

So yeah...where in the world have I been?

Busy. Very, very busy.

I started my new job on Monday and the whole week flew by in a blur of meetings and Skype calls and one road trip to Lima.

I am, in a word, exhausted. And mildly overwhelmed.

And...I think I really like this job. (I'm cautiously optimistic!)

So....that's that.

I'll blog more later...but I have a TON of laundry to do, and my house is a disaster and I really have no idea how to balance this full-time gig with the full-time mommy thing and keeping my house in order and cooking dinner and not losing my mind. But I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.


  1. Good luck with the new job. Keep us updated.

  2. thanks!
    i am hoping that in a few weeks everything will fall into place and my life won't seem so crazy! :)

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