Life in the fast lane....or not

You know that show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?
Well, I am beginning to think there needs to be a "sister" show called "It's Always Raining in Cincinnati".


Every single time I have to drive to or through Cincinnati (which is not that often) it is raining. And I'm not talking about light showers. Oh no. I mean like a total deluge-raining-cats-and-dogs-and-farm-machinery kind of rain. I mean rain so hard you can't see the end of your car.

And, there is always construction of some sort where it's raining.

Not a good combination.

Why am I mentioning this?


Today I had to drive to our 'administrative' office in Cincinnati. The drive down was OK - if you don't count the drive through downtown Dayton (the city where road construction never ends) and the 45 minutes of construction AFTER leaving Dayton. Sure, it was just fine. [insert sarcasm here, please]

However, upon leaving Cincinnati ....

As I drove down the ramp to 275 a giant bolt of lightning came straight out of the clouds right in front of me. (Sure, it was probably a few miles away, but it seemed MUCH closer). I'm certain was a sign of some sort. And not a good one.

Then, as I merged into the speeding traffic on I-75 the pouring rain started.


I could not see the car in front of me - other than the brake lights as the driver (wisely) slowed to 50 mph.

I kept repeating "please stop raining. please stop raining. please stop raining."
And, it did.

But then came the construction. Almost an hour of white-knuckle-55-mph-trucks-speeding-past-me-oh-my-gosh-get-me-off-this-road construction.

I was nearly in tears by the time I was north of Dayton city limits.

And then...the sun came out and the trucks disappeared and I was finally able to relax.

Because, it's always sunny in northwest Ohio.

And for the record...I don't mind road trips -- provided I'm not the person driving.
Also, I hold no ill will toward the cities of Dayton or Cincinnati. I just don't like driving there.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you. I had forgotten how much I hated driving in pounding rain on 75 until we visited in June/July.

    I'm so glad the sun finally came out for you. ;)