Finding time for "just me"

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See those beauties? They are my pride and joy. My reason for existing. The loves of my life.
Sure, we love our kids to the moon and back...but sometimes, we need that "mommy time out."
We need those few minutes (or a few hours) when we do something for US - without feeling guilty about it.

Regular readers of my blog know that I struggle with balancing work/home/life and that I'm not ashamed to admit it. I work full time outside the home - after spending nearly seven years either working part-time or being a SAHM, and there are many, many days when I wish I could work AT home, thinking that perhaps I'd have more "me" time.

HA! I can hear your laughter.
I don't know one mommy who ever has enough "me" time - no matter where or how you spend the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.! Every mommy is a working mommy, and we all struggle with balancing the needs of our families with our own PERSONAL needs.

My "normal" day looks like this: I'm up at 6:15 a.m. and have to get ready for work, decide what I'm wearing and what the girls are wearing to school, make sure my husband has packed Liv's lunch, and then I pack my lunch (ha! who am I kidding?) and try to figure out what we might be having for dinner that night, and hope there's enough coffee left in the pot to get me to Starbucks. By 8 a.m. Liv is on the bus, headed to school. I make it to work at 8:30 a.m. (OK, 8:45 if I stop for Starbucks) and then work until 5:30 p.m. (sometimes I have time for lunch, sometimes I don't). By the time I get home it's 6 p.m. and if I remember to thaw out something then my husband has cooked dinner (and the angels sing from the heavens). Dinner is done at 6:30 if we're lucky, but then it's time for homework with Liv (normally a struggle), then bath time, and then story time, and then if we're lucky at least one of the kids is asleep by 8 p.m. (Emma will be asleep by 8:30 ... maybe).

And then....

This is where I try my best to have about an hour or so of "me" time. Whether I'm watching a trashy reality TV show (Monday night...The Bachelor), or catching up on the pile of magazines on my coffee table, or curling up with my netbook and Twitter - this is my time.

I need this time at night to decompress, to relax, to wipe away the stresses of my day and just be ME.

During the weekend, it's harder to find time for "just me" - between conquering Mt. Washmore and grocery shopping and cleaning the house (you'd never know it if you looked at my house) - my weekends end up being about what the family needs. And I'm OK with that - I love my husband and my kids.

But sometimes I just look at the ensuing chaos in my living room and declare "That's IT! I'm going to Target. ALONE." And for one lovely hour I wander aimlessly through Target, buying things I don't need. And I feel better.

So, how do you take a moment (or two) each day just for you?

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  1. Ah, this is oh so true. I struggle with feeling guilty for taking 'me' time too. Especially since I work outside of the home already; missing out on things the girls do in the evening. But, I know that's not the 'me' time I need sometimes. I'm still catering to other people. Not me.

    I, too, will take a Target run by myself and wander for an hour or so, looking at everything and anything. I always come back refreshed. I love Target!

  2. Target is so very calming...LOL.

    I even go there on my lunch hour when I need to get a break from work.

    I think they pipe something in the air vents to calm us.