Baby it's HOT outside...and fans don't work

Yesterday the temperature here in good ol' northwest Ohio was "warmer" (read: WAY FREAKING HOTTER) than the temperature in Orlando, Florida. I know this because I have my "second home" (Orlando) saved as a favorite city on my Weather Channel app.

Yesterday it felt like it was at 100 degrees here with a billion percent humidity.
Orlando topped out around 90 degrees...with some humidity.

And...my office still has no air conditioning.
And by "no" I mean NONE.
As in both floors are out.
We used to have a/c on the first floor.
Now that appears to have died too.
We have resorted to using as many fans as possible in every office, corner and hallway.
It isn't working.

At about 8:35 yesterday the "boss" went around telling everyone on the 2nd floor to move down to the first floor conference room to work. (At that point it WAS cooler on the first floor...I am assuming the a/c was still working then.)

So picture this --- about 10 women all scattered around a conference room, trying to work. All women. All sitting next to each other at tables. A whole lot of talking going on. Not a whole lot of work. We rehashed "The Bachelorette" and what a total sleaze Bentley is. We talked about how FREAKING miserable we were and how STUPID it is that "the boss" refuses to let us wear flip flops to work when the "real feel" temp on the second floor is about 115 degrees.

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention ... we still have to FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE despite the fact that we have no a/c and will have no a/c until probably mid-July. So, we can't wear flip flops. But (and this makes so much sense....not) we can wear sandals. What? Huh? (This is how it was explained to us - "you can wear sandals that have a strap in the back around the ankle, but not flip flops because they don't have a strap." Yeah...this is the logic model I work for.)

Being the rebel that I am, I plan on wearing flip flops to work today.
Go ahead. Fire me.
I double dog dare you.

Today the actual temperature is forecast to be about 98 degrees with a heat index of 100 to 105. Which means the second floor of the office will be at least 120 degrees. At 10 a.m.

Yesterday I left the office at about 1 p.m. to work from the comfort of my air conditioned home. I have a feeling I'll be doing the same today. And tomorrow.

Because...when it's 1,000 degrees in your office, fans just don't cut it.


  1. Still no A/C....well, at least vacation is in the horizon for you!

  2. It's really hard to work under a 115-degree temperature with no A/C! How did you survive with that? Didn't your boss know that poor facilities only contribute to low work production? Well, if he doesn't, I hope he'll realize the need to have air conditioning right away. If he's saving it till mid of July, then he's losing a lot more revenue.

    Avery Simek