Apparently the "theme" for June's NaBloPoMo is "Fan"...and right now I can totally relate to that word.

See, we have no air conditioning at my office.
Well...OK...the first floor has A/C.
The second floor?
Not so much.

This wasn't an issue a few weeks ago when it was still cool outside.
However, in the past few days it has been unbearable.

When I arrived at work Tuesday morning - after two VERY HOT and humid days here in the Glass City - I swear the temperature in my office was at least 95 degrees.

The organization has NO bids right now to get the system replaced. It's a 30 year old A/C system and apparently the freon is uses is now outlawed by the government (of course it is), and so the entire system must be replaced. And (because that's not enough) whoever we hire to do the job must first BUILD the new system.

So...it could be JULY before the second floor has air conditioning.

And until then we've been told to use FANS.
Lots and lots of fans that just blow the hot air around.
There is no relief in using fans when the "real feel" temp in your office is in the 95-100 degree range.

To say it's miserable would be an understatement.
Someone getting on the elevator to go UP to the second floor the other day said "I swear I thought hell was DOWN."
No, in my office hell is on the second floor.
With FANS.


  1. Isn't that an unsafe working environment? Heatstroke is a serious thing. I think the company could have a lawsuit if they don't move fast.

    You probably can't open windows either.

  2. Ugggh, that sucks!!! Stay cool, sweetie.

  3. Tracy - no, it's not really safe in my opinion. I've been feeling queasy and had headaches at work most of this week due to the heat. I have one window I can open but there isn't much of a breeze that comes through it. I'm just happy that I'm going on vacation next week so I don't have to suffer at the office :)