Once in a lifetime day

11-11-11 ... a date that only happens every 100 years.
That's pretty cool, in my humble opinion.

So, my head is clear ... more so than yesterday.
I cried all the tears I could muster.

Yes, I didn't get the dream job I've wanted for 10 years.
I see that as their loss.
They have no idea what they are missing by not hiring me.
And someone else will be lucky enough to add me to their staff.

As for the other bad news yesterday, I have this to say:
I will prevail.
You lied.
Liars don't win.
Karma will find you.
And Karma doesn't like liars.

The truth always prevails.
And I'm nothing if not brutally honest.

Today is a new day.
A 'once in a lifetime' kind of day.
And I'm running with that.
Good news might not happen today, but I'm not giving up hope.

Here's to hope and luck and truth.

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