Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Too bad because it's too cold to step outside without instantly freezing in place)

Oh winter....I get it. You're in a foul mood and now you've gone all polar vortex on the northern half of the country for the last few weeks.

But honestly, enough is enough don't you think? I mean, even Elsa was able to get her freezing mood swings under control. And she was The Ice Queen.

So far this month the kids have been OUT of school more than they've been IN school. They had an extra week of "Christmas Break" at the beginning of the month thanks to two back-to-back snow storms and the first "polar vortex."

Now, they didn't have school last Friday because it was deemed "too cold" to get on the bus. [OK, yeah it was cold. Like 10 below zero wind chill...but seriously, they DO have heat in school so let's just say that last Friday was a stupid snow day and move on].

They also didn't have school today because of (1) a Level 2 snow emergency, (2) "road conditions", and (3) the fact that the wind chill was like -15 all freaking day. And tomorrow? No school again. This time the wind chill is going to be something totally ridiculous like -25. Or colder.

At this rate they will be in school past the last day of "scheduled" school (June 4 for our district). We had five allowed "calamity" days this year. We used those the first week of January. Now, we're three days over the allowed number of "calamity" days and there's no end in sight.

We're under a wind chill WARNING until NOON on Wednesday. Which means no school tomorrow. Probably no school on Wednesday. Maybe they'll have school on Thursday when we're supposed to have a "warm up" to 27 degrees ABOVE zero. That's damn near balmy for these parts.

Everyone is sick of winter. I think winter is sick of winter. Everyone except the local weather forecasters. They are damn near giddy about the weekly daily POLARVORTEX-ARCTICBLAST-ALBERTACLIPPER-NAMEDSTORMOFTHEWEEK.

Me? I'm sick and tired of these words: Alberta Clipper, arctic blast, polar vortex, wind chill, snow, and cold. I know every year I bitch about how cold it is and how much I hate winter...but this year I really, really mean it.

I am sick and tired of the cold. And the snow. And the school cancellations. And snow emergencies. I would just like winter to go back to "normal" with temperatures in the 30s and a few snow flakes here and there.

I understand now why some animal hibernate until spring. It's so they don't go totally insane during January.

As it is, if you need me I'll be hibernating on the couch under several fleece blankets. Drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine.

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