Happy Birthday to Emma!

Emma in Central Park
To our sweet Emma Grace....

Today is THE day you've been waiting for all month! It's your birthday! Happy Birthday sweetie! Your daddy and I can't believe that you're already seven years old! Ever since your sister's birthday earlier this month you've been asking "how many days until MY birthday" and now you get to have a very special weekend celebrating all things you!

You are our sweet little peanut Emma-nem and we love you so very much. I always say this, but you are the comedian of the family, always saying something funny and making us laugh. You definitely make the world a funnier and brighter place.

Emma our funny girl.
I would say that you are destined for a life in the spotlight, but you insist that you want to be a veterinarian when you grow up..and I have to admit I can see that happening. You have such a love for all animals - especially Quinn the cat and Mickey your guinea pig - and I'm quite certain you would adopt every stray dog and cat you saw if you could.

When we were in New York City last summer you made it a game to count how many dogs you saw being walked in the city. I think you made it over 100. During the same trip the only souvenirs you wanted were dogs - and so we bought you a stuffed animal "rescue dog" at the 9/11 Memorial, and "Max" from The Little Mermaid at the Disney Store, and a NYC dog.

And, on any given night your bed is overflowing with stuffed animals...sometimes I wonder if there is enough room for you to sleep!

You are such a sweet girl and you're always kind to your friends and family. At conferences last fall your teacher told us what a joy you are to have in class and how you're always willing to help your fellow classmates if they need it. That makes daddy and I so proud!

And you love school! You have become an amazing reader in the past year ... you devour books like no other first grader could. Your current favorites are Junie B. Jones and Ready Freddy. And the best part of reading with you? When you change your voice to fit the characters. One of my absolute favorite things to do is read with you because it's always fun (and funny).

Emma as Elsa from "Frozen"
So we know you're smart. And funny. And kind. You're also stubborn (sometimes) and independent and sometimes overly-emotional and all of those things make you the wonderful little girl that we love so very much.

One of my favorite things that you do is when you come up to me and give me a hug and a kiss "just because." And I should note that this happens nearly every day - out of the blue you'll say "I just want you, mommy" and just like that my heart melts all over again.

Daddy, Olivia, and I love you so very much and we hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday today!

Emma's birthday in St. Maarten last year!

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