It's a Good Thing I Don't Make New Year's Resolutions

You know, it's a damn good thing I don't make resolutions for the new year...you know like "I resolve to blog at least three times a week." 

Because honestly friends I would totally fail.
Every. Single. Year.

I swear I think about blogging all the time. Hell, I even write really awesome posts IN MY HEAD as I'm trying to fall asleep. Because THAT works wonders, don't ya know?

I don't know why I don't write more. I don't have any good excuses. And I know I have enough "material" in my everyday life to write a blog post or two or three each week.

My month so far: I got a flu shot. Then I got sick. The end. 

OK. Not really. There was more going on this month. But I'm focusing on this.

And yes, I do know those two things (flu shots and getting sick) are NOT connected so please don't start leaving me comments quoting the CDC or Dr. Oz and telling me I'm full of crap for thinking the flu shot can make me sick.

However, I did go to my doctor's office before the New Year to get a flu shot because my mom made me. Yes, I'm almost 41 years old and my mom still has to make me get a flu shot. Because I hate shots. And I hate going to the doctor. But I also hate the idea of getting H1N1, so I went. And got a flu shot.

And three days later I had strep throat. Honest to goodness, I have not been that sick in YEARS. I'm talking at least a decade. The last time I can remember being so sick that I couldn't function as a human was when I had walking pneumonia in 2004. But strep throat really, really sucks. A lot.

A word to the wise: don't get really REALLY sick two days before Snowmageddon and the Polar Vortex are about to hit, because then you have to go to Urgent Care in a snowstorm and that's a joke because they tell you that you don't have strep but "here's an antibiotic anyway just in case you get worse." And then you'll spend three days feeling like DEATH and unable to go to the doctor's office because your entire town is shut down under a LEVEL THREE SNOW EMERGENCY and you'll GET ARRESTED IF YOU DRIVE.

But then it got warm (read: 1 degree above zero) and I made it to the doctor in a LEVEL TWO SNOW EMERGENCY. The doctor gave me antibiotics and they were the ONLY kind she thought I might be able to handle because just about every freaking antibiotic out there wreaks havoc on my body (or causes me to partially rupture my Achilles. No joke).

So...10 days of antibiotics later the strep is gone (whew!) but I'm back at the doctor's today because I'm having an allergic reaction to the antibiotic.

Of course I am. 

Apparently the medicine I was on was a "sulfa"drug (no clue what the hell that means) and my body decided to break out into a rash head to toe. Oh, and I'm sorry if it sounds unpleasant to you, but just imagine how I feel.

Seriously. I'm nearly 41 years old and there isn't ONE SINGLE ANTIBIOTIC that I can handle. Which means if I get sick again, I'm totally screwed. I'm also itchy. And grumpy.

And so....I now get to go to an allergist to determine exactly what the hell is my problem. I spent my entire childhood visiting an allergist (from age 4 until about age 18 when I was deemed "cured" of my seasonal allergies...they lied..I was never cured). And now I get to go back and get tested. Again.

Oh yeah, I'm also on steroids right now. So if I sound 'roid-ragey, I'm sorry. :)

As it is, there are 10 days left in this month. Here's to trying to write at least five blog posts between now and January 31. And no, that is NOT a resolution.

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