Olivia Turns 10!

My dear sweet Olivia Rose,

Ten years ago today you entered the world as a tiny little baby with not much hair and long, skinny chicken legs. And you were absolutely perfect.

You were everything your daddy and I dreamed about and more. We loved you to the moon and back then ... and we still do today.

And it seems inconceivable that today you're turning 10. How in the world did the last decade fly past us so quickly? I'll admit that I get a little weepy each time I think about it.

It really does seem like just yesterday that we brought you home to our little house on Strauss Avenue and your daddy and I had no clue what to do during those first few days at home. One of the funniest stories I can tell is on your first night home we decided to give you a bath - in the kitchen sink. So, in true "new mom" fashion I undressed you in your nursery and decided to carry you (naked and screaming) to the kitchen. You proceeded to pee all over me. And that's how our first few days went.

During the past 10 years you have made our world a brighter place.

You are a beautiful girl both inside and out. You are kind and caring and polite and wise beyond your years. You're also quiet and somewhat shy and a little bit reserved. Your fourth grade teacher told us that you are a "once in a teaching career" kind of student, which made your daddy and I so very proud.

Olivia - age 4
Speaking of school...you are excelling in every way possible. You are a math whiz, and according to your teacher you often get up in front of class to explain the problems to the rest of class. (You do not get that from me!). You also love social studies and science and reading. You're still quite the little historian and I can only hope your love for learning continues. Also, you've had straight A's each quarter since the beginning of third grade.

Some days you floor me with the things you say - not because they're shocking but because I sit in awe and wonder how you got so mature and so wise in such a short time.

You are an amazing big sister to Emma - always stopping to take time to play with her and rarely getting annoyed when she pesters you. As I type this the two of you are snuggled in Emma's twin bed, playing on your Kindles and preparing for a sleepover. I wish I could have taken a photo of that moment - if only to use it as a reminder when you're both teenagers fighting over something silly.

Olivia the basketball star
Last fall - in addition to taking two dance classes, ballet and lyrical - you decided to start playing basketball. To say that we love watching you play is an understatement. When you were "younger" you would freeze at the idea of doing anything in front of a crowd, even something as simple as a preschool Christmas program. Now, you get on stage and perform a dance routine and you run across a basketball court taking on girls who are bigger and more aggressive than most 3rd and 4th grade girls.

My favorite part of watching you play basketball? When you make a basket and look over at me with a small grin on your face as if to say "See? I did it!" Your daddy is one of the coaches of your team and I think it's safe to say he's loving that too. And we can't wait to see you play again this winter!

I could keep writing more, but what I wanted to say is this: to my sweet girl...we wish you a very happy birthday and hope that your day is as special as you.

We love you to the moon and back.

Olivia, age 2. Main Street U.S.A. at the Magic Kingdom


  1. What a sweet post! Happy 10th Olivia!

  2. Its so amazing to see the kids grow up, and this is such a sweet sweet post. I adored it..