Germs and Good Intentions

So here we are seven days into 2014 and I haven't blogged since Christmas Day.

I had every intention to write a "2013 recap" but clearly that never happened. No real good excuse, unless you count the plague that I'm dealing with right now that includes swollen tonsils, white spots, exhaustion, sore throat, and antibiotics.

Yeah. I think being sick (and trapped INSIDE THE HOUSE for days thanks to -45 wind chills) is a darn good excuse for not blogging.

Plus, honestly...I didn't really feel much like blogging.

However, since I'm still sick, still stuck inside, and should blog about something as we head into the New Year, here's a mini recap of last year. It should be noted that I averaged about 5 blog posts each month in 2013 which is horrible. Someone should take my blogger card away from me.

I suppose my New Year's resolution should be to blog more (because honestly the whole "lose weight" thing isn't going to happen).

So without further ado, my short and sweet 2013 recap.

January was a good month...we took a family cruise to the Western Caribbean and celebrated Olivia's 9th birthday and Emma's 6th birthday. And, I was able to unplug from the Internet for a whole week. Well, except for those days when I purchase onboard Internet access on the ship so I could tweet and post to Facebook. You can't expect me to quit cold turkey.

February. I turned 40. It wasn't so bad. Then the month went downhill.

March brought some weird results with Olivia's food allergies - and retesting resulted. She still has food allergies in case you're wondering. And it was still cold. Which shouldn't come as a shock since I do live in Ohio. Oh, I also went to Florida for a couple of days and I started a new job.

April was rather uneventful. I was writing a lot for the new job (and loving it!) so I didn't blog much. Although I did manage a post in the middle of the month where I rambled on about my new hair color and zombies.

In May I permanently unfriended, deleted, and blocked a few former relatives. And that's all I'm going to say about that. I think it finally warmed up in May too.

June brought about the end of the school year for Olivia and Emma, and we took a day trip to Put-in-Bay. What I wouldn't give for a hot summer day right about now.

As the summer continued, I managed to eek out a whopping FOUR blog posts in July. Slacker much? To recap July - it was hot and that's about it.

In August the girls went back to school (!!) and we had a mouse in the house. Those two things are not related in any way.

September was this blog's 8th birthday and of course, I blogged about it. A few days late. I also blogged about why "working from home" is a good thing (despite what some naysayers might think). And then I went on a little rant about spelling and grammar.

October started out on a weird note, as I thought someone had stolen my identity. Turns out they didn't. But then someone did steal a credit card number in a totally unrelated case. Too weird. And then Kevin and I celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss.

In November I had the chance to work as the official "mom shopper correspondent" for the new Gabe's store that opened here in T-town. It was a totally cool experience for me and my little ol' blog. Oh and I also managed to fail Elf of the Shelf as soon as he "returned" to our house.

And just like that we've made it to December. (I told you I didn't blog much last year). But boy oh boy was the last month of the year a doozy. I blogged about The Grinch at The Nutcracker and had my parenting skills called into question by complete strangers (keeping it classy people). Following that post I had to explain the fine art of sarcasm, and I contemplated why I was still participating on Facebook.

And now it's 2014 and so far the New Year has been OK as long as I look past the 30 inches of snow we've had since January 1 and the freezing cold Polar Vortex that is causing the wind chills to go to -45 degree, and the fact that I've been sick for a week. [Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?]

However, this is a new year and I am really going to resolve to blog more. That's probably the only resolution I can manage to keep. Happy New Year!

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