Go Ahead. Unfriend Me.

I find social media to be so very amusing lately.

Everyone takes everything so freaking seriously. Everyone is so offended. Everyone needs to get a freaking grip.

Honestly. The funniest thing about Facebook is when someone (namely a "family" member who was more of a "Christmas card family member" than a "hey let's hang out sometime" family member) unfriends you.

It really makes me laugh.

Like I mean I literally LAUGHED OUT LOUD about it tonight. For at least 15 minutes.

Oh don't get me wrong. I've unfriended several people over the years - former friends, former cousins, former co-workers. They all deserved to be unfriended for various reasons. And I don't miss them.

But tonight I just found it totally and completely hilarious when I discovered that a particular person unfriended me. Funny because there was NO reason for me to be unfriended ... I mean other than the fact that....yeah, there was no reason.

So OH MY GOD my friend list went from 607 to 606. Ouch that hurts.

Not really.

Just means I have to buy one less stamp at Christmas time.