You ever have one of those week where you're in a bad mood but can't explain why?

There's no full moon.

In fact there isn't a valid reason to be a bad mood.
The mood is just here.

It's as if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed Monday morning and haven't recovered.

And now it's Wednesday.

People are annoying me.

I have come THISCLOSE to correcting grammar mistakes on Facebook this week. As in - I wanted to leave many, many comments like this: "Your is not the same as you're. Please learn the difference."

Or this:

However, I have restrained myself.
A lot.

Maybe it IS all the bad grammar that has put me in this craptastic mood.

I saw a comment on a friend's post today that had so many misspelled words and abbreviations that my brain actually HURT when I read it. It wasn't English, it was even "text speak"....it was just horrible.

And all I can wonder is - WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU WANT TO SOUND LIKE THAT? Even if it IS Facebook?

I'm not trying to be mean but seriously...if my fifth grader knows the difference between their, there, and they're....then it should be safe to assume that adults would know the difference too.

I would like to blame my mood on something - but since the moon and my hormones are out of the question I'm just going to blame it on people.

Not all people. But some people.
Apparently this week I am NOT a people person.
Maybe next week will be better.

Until then I'm going to eat a lot of chocolate.
That might help. 

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