Stupid Doctors. Stupid Heartburn.

Look, I'm normally in a good mood.
Really, I am.

Although my most recent blog posts might make you believe otherwise, I am generally a happy person.

However, certain things really annoy me. Bad grammar. Overuse of exclamation points. And being told that I HAVE to do something that I don't want to do (or don't feel that I should be required to do).

Case in point: being told that I HAVE to schedule a "well check" with my primary care physician just so that I can get a refill on a prescription medication.

Oh and that medication? Yeah that would be Nexium. That little purple pill that is a miracle of modern science and keeps me from having horrific heartburn on a daily basis.

Apparently - according to my "doctor" - the "new healthcare regulations" REQUIRE a "well visit" EVERY SIX MONTHS in order to "assess the need" for the medication.


Every. Six. Months.

I don't have to visit my OB-Gyn every six months to "assess the need" for birth control. Once a year is fine and dandy with them.

But heartburn? Yeah that needs assessment. Every. Six. Months. Because after suffering from chronic heartburn for the last EIGHT YEARS I'm sure it's going to suddenly change in the next six months.

Here's a suggestion - give me a bowl of spicy chili on a day when I don't take my Nexium and record what happens. There's an assessment for ya.

Not happy with the statement that was read to me by the doctor's office - stating that she could lose her license if she doesn't have a note in my medical files that I need Nexium - I said "fine, I'll come in for a flu shot next week and then I'll tell the doctor how stupid HER policy is."

Because I'm quite certain this is a policy being handed down by the powerhouse medical firm that essentially owns Toledo. "Hey! Let's force everyone to pay a co-pay EVERY SIX MONTHS in order to refill a prescription for heartburn medicine THAT THEY CAN BUY OVER THE COUNTER."

Yes, that's right. I CAN buy Nexium OTC. But it's not as strong as the Rx version - and I need the strong stuff.

So I'll play their game for now. I'll go in next week for my "well visit" during which time they'll weigh me (yeah, I know I'm overweight), measure my height (because at age 41 1/2 I'm SURE I've gotten taller), and take my BP. And then when they ask "so why are you here today?" I'll say "so I can get my Nexim refilled so can you just give me my flu shot and call in the refill so I can go home."

I. Hate. Doctors.

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  1. Now Traci, don't be like that. LOL You and my husband are just alike. He would much prefer having a video conference and getting it over with than to physically visit a doctor. Like you, all he goes for is to get one RX refilled.