Monday Afternoon Musings - January 18, 2016

Holy Toledo it's cold outside.

Yes, I really DO understand that I live in Ohio but damn. This is cold. I'm currently sitting at my desk wearing two shirts AND a sweater (and pants, duh) AND I'm drinking hot coffee. And I'm still cold.

Which brings me to today's random thoughts:

1. I. Hate. Winter. That's not really an earth-shattering announcement. I told my husband over the weekend that we should move to Florida. Or North Carolina. And was totally NOT kidding.

2. I didn't make New Year's resolutions. I figure it is still January (seriously the LONGEST MONTH OF THE YEAR) so I can still talk about resolutions. Or the lack thereof. What I did decide as the clock struck midnight (OK, it was actually a few days before and I was sound asleep at midnight at New Year's Eve) was this: I don't really care. Now that might sound all Negative Nancy but let me explain. I don't care about certain things anymore. I don't care about the newest fad diet that you're trying. I don't care about your drama. - real or imagined. I don't care about things that (1) I can't (or don't want to) control, (2) have no impact on my life, or (3) just don't interest me at all. I have enough really good stuff going on in my life (and enough crappy stuff too) where I don't need to worry/care/stress/fret about things that don't concern me, don't impact me, don't matter to me. Not my circus. Not my monkeys.

3. I love my job. That's all.

4. I love knowing that there are people friends out there who will call and check on you even though they are dealing with their own epic crap. More #Vaguebooking but we're dealing with a health issue with Olivia that I'm not posting about on Facebook (shocking, I know) and I've only told a few people about. One of those friends called me last week because she said she had been thinking about us all week and wanted to see how things were going. We had a wonderful 45-minute long phone call and when it was finished I couldn't stop thinking about how really awesome it is to have NICE people in your life.

5. Stop being jerks to people. Seriously you guys, it isn't funny. It isn't funny when your kids are assholes to other kids. It isn't funny when you're an asshole to other parents. It's crappy and immature and if your life is that freaking miserable that you have to channel all your anger and frustration (and jealousy) onto other parents and their kids, perhaps it is time to reevaluate what is making you so unhappy and change it. You get one freaking go-around on this crazy ride called life so why not make the most of it and actually BE F*CKING HAPPY instead of working really f*cking hard on being miserable and negative all the time.

[I told you that language was possible on this blog. It's totally a PG-13 to R rating. No apologies.]

Oh yeah that "try one new recipe a week" thing? I made two last week. Damn I'm good. The Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup was a hit (Olivia ate THREE BOWLS at dinner). The Farfalle with Mushrooms and Spinach was good but it really needed a Parmesan cream sauce so I'll have to rework it. This week I'm going to (finally) make Paula Deen's potato soup recipe that everyone raves about. I hate potato soup so this ought to be interesting.

Happy Monday all.
Stay warm.
Be happy.

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