Monday Afternoon Musings

So here we are. The second Monday of a new year and I'm just gonna throw this out there - I didn't make any New Year's resolutions. But, I did decide that there are a few things about which I will no longer give a f*ck. I'm not going to list them but they might show up in future blog posts.

[Oh yeah, language. That might show up more on the blog. Or it might not. Depends on my mood that day.]

Also, this whole "Monday afternoon musings" might become a regular feature on the blog. Or it might not. Depends on whether or not I can actually stick to this "regular blogging thing." I used to be good at it. Last year I totally sucked at blogging.

So here are the things I'm thinking about today:

1. Sometimes all the worrying you've done for weeks can be erased after one positive appointment. Sorry to #VagueBook but suffice it to say that my mind was put at ease today about something and it's all good.

2. Don't go on Facebook just to be contrary for the hell of it. Seriously. It's called social media for a reason people. Be sociable. Contribute to the conversation. But don't post on someone's page just because you want to debate/argue/contradict/attempt to look smarter than someone. It's annoying. And it defeats the whole purpose of social media.

3. Also this: My posts on Facebook are generally about (1) food allergies, (2) my kids, (3) grammar, (4) Disney, or (5) the weather. Please do me a favor and don't argue with me. Or debate me. Or say "but so-and-so says this." You know what kind of Facebook comments I like? The kind that I can respond to in a positive manner. I detest comments that are negative or argumentative. They serve no purpose.

5. The weather. Yes, shockingly I am already sick and tired of winter. I KNOW I live in Ohio (Really. I am fully aware of this fact.) But it's damn cold out there. And it is icy. And more snow is coming. I don't want to "deal with it" ... I just want to be able to wear my cute ballet flats (which also happen to be orthotic shoes) without socks and NOT have my toes freeze. That's not asking too much.

6. Crockpot Chicken Enchilada soup smells really great as it cooks. Sure hope it tastes good too. ;)

7. I'm going to try and make a new recipe at least once a week. (OK, so I JUST decided this as I'm typing this blog post). I will likely fail after a week or two...but we shall see. If they're good maybe I'll share them. But that would mean even more blog posts and we all know how successful I am at blogging lately.

8. Trying to eat lunch while watching 'Bizarre Foods' on the Travel Channel is not a good idea. Leftover pizza does not pair well with words like "roasted rat." Blergh.

And there it is.
My ramblings on a Monday afternoon.
We'll see how this works out.

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