Getting Political

OK. It's that time again.
Time for me to throw on my political pundit hat and start talking about this election.

Last night I watched the speeches from Hillary, Bernie, and (forgive me for even typing this) Donald Trump.

I can't believe I just typed his name. I hope it's not like Beetlejuice - if I type it three times he'll suddenly appear in my home office and start yelling. Just to be safe I won't type it again. Once was my limit.

Anyway...here's my takeaway from those three speeches.

Hillary needs to stop saying "I" and start saying "we." She comes across as angry and a bit shrill (and yes, I went there as a woman...get over it). Her speeches seem forced, almost as if she's pissed that she has to work so hard for something she assumed was going to be in the bag. She claims to share some of the same ideas as Bernie but I'm not impressed with her. Will I vote for her if she gets the Democratic nomination? Yes, because the GOP field is terrifying and we can't let any of them near the White House.

Bernie says "we" a lot. I like that. I like that he wants a political revolution and that he wants to bring change to the political process. I like that he want universal Medicare for all and wants to work to reduce student loan debt (as I owe about $60,000 from law school). I like his ideas. I like Bernie. He's personable and he's not a typical politician. And yes he yells too but I think that's just how he always talks. His speech was full of ideas about what he wants to do and what he will do when he is president. I was impressed.

And then we get to the former reality TV star. The racist, xenophobe who hates women and everyone else. This is my takeaway from his speech: He's going to (1) build up the military, (2) build a HUGE wall, (3) give everyone guns to protect the 2nd amendment, (4) take away your healthcare, and (5) fix the 40 percent unemployment rate that he claims is happening in this country.

What. The. F*ck.

Unemployment at 40 percent?
Um, no.

His entire speech was full of untruths, lies, overblown statements, blustering, and idiocy. And yet the people cheering for him ate it up. They drank the Kool-Aid and then some. I just sat there with my mouth agape wondering how in the hell HE managed to win New Hampshire. It's very, very scary.

One can only hope that someone else - anyone else other than Cruz and Rubio - can manage to overtake that moron in the remaining primaries.

As it is, right now my support is for Bernie.

#FeelTheBern people.

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  1. Hi Traci, I'm right with you on The Donald. I like Bernie, but he's an idealist, and unless he gets a fully-Democratic controlled Congress, he's doomed to failure. I think the GOP will keep control of the House, and Hillary has a better shot at getting the other side on board with her agenda. It's certainly going to be an interesting election, though.