Monday Musings - February 15

Ah, another Monday another blog post. Hey, at least I'm somewhat consistent.

The kids had no school today so after a visit to the dentist we made a trip to the mall. Let me just throw this out there - I detest our local mall. I can't wait until the weather is warm enough again so that we can visit one of the TWO outside shopping centers in the area.

Yes, we live in northwest Ohio yet this city is home to not one but TWO outdoor "malls." Go figure.

As it is, here's what I'm thinking about today.

1. I'm so sick and tired of the GOP. If their "candidates" for president weren't scary/bad/terrifying enough now they're going to fight President Obama and try to prevent him from nominating someone to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. I'm sorry but WTF? The poor Justice was barely dead before the GOP was all over the whole "the next president MUST nominated someone" rhetoric. Um, dear stupid asshat GOP members of Congress - it is the president's JOB and Constitutional duty to nominate someone to replace Scalia. Also, it is your Constitutional duty to do the same. Need we remind you that Scalia was a Constitutional purist? Yeah. You're going against the very document he worked so hard to protect (granted, I never agreed with his methods or opinions but that is so NOT the point right now).

And totally changing course...

2. Holy crap 'The Walking Dead.' Seriously. Best episode ever. Watched several minutes of it with my hands over my eyes. Also literally screamed out HOLY F*CK at the end of the opening scene.

3. Speaking of zombies....if you're looking for a movie that is just plain fun and doesn't require you to do any real thinking other than "Damn, I kinda love Mr. Darcy"...I recommend 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.' No, I'm not kidding. I saw it last weekend and it was VERY entertaining and fun and I'm totally going to read the book now. Go see it. Really.

4. Remember how I said I was going to "cook something new at least once a week"? Yeah well..I'm actually doing it! I know, I'm shocked about that too. ;)

5. I gave up eating at night for Lent. What the hell? I did it last year too and actually managed to lose weight. And since I need/want to lose like 70 pounds (ha!) I suppose this is a good first step. My "cheat" day is Sunday. Which means I can still eat ice cream during 'The Walking Dead.' Thank goodness.

And there you have it. The stuff rolling around in my brain today. I actually had a few more thoughts earlier today but forgot to write them down and so....yeah, they're gone. :)

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