Monday Musings on a Tuesday Afternoon

I woke up this morning and my first thought (right after, 'Oh crap. It's only Tuesday) was "oh crap..I forgot to blog yesterday."

Now that's not to say that my Monday afternoon blogging is a chore. It isn't. But yesterday afternoon was madness when it came to free time so blogging didn't happen.

Lucky for all (2) of you...I decided to take a few minutes and blog today.

So what's up buttercup?

1. It might snow tomorrow night. And I'm talking SNOW. It's supposed to rain all day Wednesday and then change to snow during the night and according to our local weather guys we could get 1", 4", 8", or even a foot of snow. They have no clue. Every forecast is different. At this point I think they're totally guessing about all of it. And of course The Weather Channel has named the storm - Petros.

2.  I've mentioned before the Olivia has been dealing with a new health issue and haven't gone into much detail. I'm still not going to get into much detail - I've told a handful of people what's happening and that's that. We did get good news yesterday about her condition so I'm feeling a bit relieved about the whole situations. Ah, #Vaguebooking at its finest.

3. Anyone else tired of the presidential election yet? I'm so SICK AND FREAKING TIRED of hearing a certain billionaire reality tv star's name mentioned. I refuse to type his name here for fear that if I type it enough he'll materialize in my house (think: Beetlejuice). He is running his campaign on earned media because the damn media won't stop talking about him. NO ONE CARES except for the boneheads in the major network newsrooms who still think this clown is news.

4. I've given up eating at night (read: after dinner) for Lent. It's not as bad as it was last year. I'm hoping it'll help me drop some lbs since I'm too damn busy to get to the gym right now. Also, I need a treadmill at home.

I know I had more thoughts to write about yesterday but I didn't write them down so they're gone. All gone.

Happy Tuesday! ;)

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