Monday Afternoon Musings - Happy Leap Day!

Hey there. Happy Leap Day! Not sure how one celebrates today (or if you even need to celebrate), but whatever. Eat some chocolate or something. It IS Monday, after all.

It was gorgeous here yesterday - sunny, windy, and 65 freaking degrees outside. Today? Less sunny, just as breezy, and less warm. Tomorrow? Snowstorm.

Yeah, I love Ohio.
Not really.

Let's just get on with this shall we?

1. The Oscars: I remembered why I don't watch The Oscars anymore. They're boring as F*CK. Honestly. Boring. Yes, Chris Rock was good. He handled the whole #OscarsSoWhite controversy in a funny yet respectful way. Leo won. Of course he did. Sly Stallone lost. WTF? The dresses were boring. The whole show was a snooze fest. If they would just hand out the damn awards without all the fluff between the awards it would be like a 60-minute show. At least I had The Walking Dead to entertain me between awards.

2. I have managed to make a new dish every single week since proclaiming that as my goal back in January. Yay me. Hell, the kids have even tried all the new dishes. They haven't liked them all but they tried them.

3. I'm in pain. And no, surprisingly enough it isn't my ankle this time. I've been dealing with pain in my hand, wrists, elbows, and shoulders for about a month or so. My right hand is also swollen between the joints in the hand. So.....as much as I hate doctors (specifically my doctor) I am going in on Friday to figure out what the hell is going on. I'm tired of being achy all the time.

4. Tomorrow is Super Tuesday. I'll be glued to the TV tomorrow night. #FeelTheBern people. #FeelTheBern.

And there you have it. All the random stuff going on in my head right now. Enjoy your "extra" day today. :)

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