Monday Musings and Whatnot - February 8

Oh hey. Look at that.
I was able to spell February on the first try.

Yeah, it's a daily struggle.

I'm in a mood today.
Not gonna lie.
At this point in my afternoon I'd like to eat a lot of chocolate.
Problem is - there is NO CHOCOLATE IN MY HOUSE.


So we'll just talk about what I'm thinking about (other than chocolate).

1. I have a real job. No really, I do. I actually had someone say to me today at my kid's school "Oh we haven't seen you in a while." To which I said "I've been really busy with work and family stuff." And she said "Oh, you mean you have a real job?" Um. Yeah. I have a real job. Yes, I work from home and I can wear yoga pants every day and I don't have to wear makeup or do my hair. But I HAVE A REAL FREAKING JOB. I do real work (writing, social media, etc). I get a real paycheck. I get a real 1099 tax form every year. I have real coworkers.

2. I love politics. OK. I love MOST politics (I can't stomach listening to ANY of the Republican candidates). I stayed up too late last week watching the Iowa Caucus results. And I'll probably stay up late tomorrow night to watch the New Hampshire Primary results. Thank goodness the kids have a late start on Wednesday. Oh, I also had a dream Friday night that I was sharing a plate of pancakes with Bernie Sanders. Totally random.

3. My birthday is Friday. My husband keeps asking me what I want. And I keep saying "nothing." And it's true. I can't think of one thing that I want for my birthday - or at least nothing that we can afford. ;) Maybe I should tell him I want chocolate. HA!

OK. I need to find something chocolate to eat. Happy Monday. 

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