Another Day in FibroLand

Hot and humid days are no longer my friends, thanks to fibromyalgia.

Not that I really ever enjoyed the heat and humidity during the summer months, but at least B.F. (before fibro) I could tolerate them.

Well, now I know when I wake up what the weather is going to be like that day.

Yesterday it was warm (almost hot) and not too humid, but I woke up feeling "off." I was achy and tingly and my brain was frazzled for most of the day. I basically hated everyone and wasn't afraid to tell them.

Case in point: after spending several hours in the heat watching (from the comfort of my golf cart of course) the girls golf  I was done. Guy rolls past me in his golf cart, dressed head to toe in all black (it WAS 90 degrees after all)..and all I could think say out loud was this gem: "Who the f*ck does he think he is, Johnny Cash?"

I couldn't help myself.
Apparently fibro = no filter anymore.
Mom says I need a new blog: Things Fibro Makes Me Say.
Might not be a bad idea.

Today the heat is rising and so is the humidity and I can feel it in my arms and hips and knees. It sucks because I can try to tell people how I feel but I know they don't understand. After the girls' golf match today I'm sure I'll be completely spent.

Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday they are forecasting a heat index each day between 100 and 110 degrees. Me? I'll be staying inside. Hibernating.

Ah, another day in FibroLand. ;)

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