Tuesday Thoughts - Let's Try This Again

So remember waaaayyy back at the beginning of the year when I was all "let's blog more!" and I started that "Monday Musings" thing?

Well whatever.
It didn't work.

January suddenly turned into June and life was crazy and now it's August and I haven't blogged (again) in weeks. That's not to say that I have nothing to write about.

I do. I'm just .... busy.

Yeah who isn't busy these days, right?
Lame excuse I know.

Plus, I don't like blogging on Mondays.
So, this week we'll try something new: Tuesday Thoughts.
We'll see how long I can keep this up.

Here's what's happening in my fishbowl lately....

Fibro still sucks. Not that I thought it was going to 'get better' ... because let's face it - it isn't getting better. Manageable, maybe. If the weather is right and my mood is fine and I've had enough sleep. Then I can manage with little to no pain/discomfort/annoyance. Two weeks ago I overdid it for two days in a row and woke up on Wednesday really sick. I'm talking 'I only ate a little bit of real food, two pieces of toast, and a lot of Coca Cola' sick. Yeah. It was a no good horrible very bad day all around. By contrast, I felt great yesterday - the weather was wonderful and I had almost no pain. Today? The humidity returned and I felt like crap as soon as I woke up this morning. I'm pretty sure that the rest of the week will be challenging as I'm pushing myself to do A CRAPTON OF STUFF between now and Friday.

School starts next week. I swear the girls JUST got out of school in May and then I blinked and it is now August and time to go back to class. I think they're ready. I KNOW I'm ready. I love my kids but they need to go back and learn something aside from how to use Snapchat. School supplies are organized, new clothes will be purchase this weekend. Let's do this.

The talk. Olivia and I had 'the talk' last night. NO. Not THAT talk. The "period talk." (also: if Olivia ever reads my blog she'll kill me). I figured she's starting 7th grade and it was about time to have some girl talk. She also told me she's ready to start shaving her legs. (hold me). So...it's time to buy a razor and set up an "emergency period kit" that she can take to school for WHEN that time arrives. (as a side note to the universe: please let IT happen at home and not at school. OKthanksbye). Oh. My. God. My oldest is going to be 13 in FIVE months.

Bullet journals: I've tried to start a bullet journal ... TWICE. I've "failed" (in my own mind) twice. So I'm starting over. I bought a new journal, some supplies, and I'm going to take some time next week when the kids are at school and I'm home alone and I'll get this journal thing started. Finally. I love the idea of a bullet journal .... I just need to take the time to really do it the way I want it done (and stop worrying about how other bullet journals look on Pinterest).

And there you have it...my first installment of Tuesday Thoughts. Maybe this time - with the help of my soon-to-be-created bullet journal - I'll actually get some real blogging done again. ;)


  1. Bullet Journaling, huh? :) Didn't know you are a fan!

    1. Oh yeah I LOVE the idea of it ... I'm all about paper planners and lists. I just need to take the time and start a Bullet Journal that I like :)

  2. Just do yourself a favor and steer clear of the Bullet Journal groups on FB unless you want to piss half your day away! Pinterest is a bad enough influence! Lol