Four years and counting....(or happy birthday to my blog!)

Four years ago I started this little blog. I was sitting at home one day, watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on CNN and had the urge to write.

So I sat down at my computer and just started writing.

I wasn't sure what the direction was for this blog ... I just knew I wanted to write.

And now, four years and 685 posts later....I'm still here.

Still writing.

(So, happy birthday to my blog!)

When I started this blog, I figured maybe my family would read it. Maybe. And it might get a few visits from the few friends who knew I was blogging. But, I knew that I wasn't going to make a living as a blogger. And that was really OK with me.

Readers or no readers, I was going to write about what was going on in my life. Four years ago we were selling our old house and moving into our current house, I was starting to study for the bar exam and Olivia was almost two years old. And, every now and then a friend or family member would comment...but that's not why I blogged.

I blogged then -- and today -- because writing is my passion.

See, I used to keep journals when I was younger. I would fill these books with random thoughts, rants, dreams, etc. I kept a journal all the way through law school. Then, for whatever reason, I stopped. But this blog...this is my journal.

If everyone stopped reading it today, I'd still write. Because that's what I do. I write.

And for the most part, blogging is wonderful. I've connected with some amazing women (see the list to the left) who write amazing blogs. But, sometimes there's a down side to blogging too. I've had people leave completely rude comments on posts (which is why I now forbid Anonymous comments) and I've had people stop reading my blog because I was too negative.

But you know what? I don't care. Because I'm not always a "happy-go-lucky, ain't life grand, and everything's coming up roses" kind of person. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes reality kicks you in the gut and then kicks you again when you're down. And I'm going to write about those times, just as quickly as I'm going to write about the joy and triumphs. So, if you want to leave a rude comment, you'll have to leave your name and if you want to stop reading my blog...go right ahead.

I blog because I love to write.

I blog for me.

Now that might sound a little selfish, but it's not. I do blog for my own good. It's my own little bit of therapy.

I blog about things that make me happy.

And things that make me sad.

And things that make me wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

I think the description for my blog says it all "musing on everyday life....as seen from my little fishbowl." And so, after four years, 685 posts and 27,425 visits...I think I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing.

Writing about life as I see it from my fishbowl.

Thanks to all of you for reading - I do appreciate all of my readers and enjoy reading your comments.


(And for the record, the Fishbowl wasn't my first blog. Nope...I started writing "Toddler Timeouts" in August 2004. That blog has changed names and is now "The Olivia & Emma Show". I also have another blog that is focused on travel and tips for families -- most of those posts are Disney-related...so I guess that's my Disney blog).



    Sorry I am so late, haven't been on the computer much!

    I love that you can journal so much of your life through the blogs and I am glad you have done the same, I love it! Here is to MANY more years of blogging!!!

  2. thank you so much WK! you are one of my favorite bloggers...so i really appreciate your comments! :)