Monday Musings - January 25

Another Monday....more random thoughts from me. Aren't you lucky? ;)

I'm honestly viewing these posts as a way to make myself write something that isn't work-related. Why? Because I need to write. I love to write. And it's a lot easier to be passive aggressive in a blog post than on Facebook.

Sort of.


1. January. Seriously this month. It really feels like the LONGEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. Every. Single. Year. I know there are only 31 days in January - just like March, July, August, October, and December - but damn. This month just goes on forever. And I can't really dislike the month since BOTH girls celebrate January birthdays. It just feels really, REALLY long.

2. I make a ton of lists. Honestly you should see my desk right now. I have a "to do" list for work. I have several sticky notes for things I can't forget to do (one of which I already forgot to do today). I have lists in my head. It is ridiculous. So man lists, so much shit to remember. Do you ever feel like maybe you're trying to do too much?

3.I'm disturbed by the increasing lack of common courtesy online. I just don't understand why people have to be rude to others whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or even in an email. I wish everyone would stop and think "would I say this to this person's face?" or "would I use this tone (usually the "you're an effing moron" tone) when speaking to this person face-to-face?" I'm gonna bet that NO for the most part you would not behave like that if you were face-to-face so WHY IN THE WORLD is it OK to act like that just because there is a computer/smartphone/iPad between you and the other person. Think before you hit send.

4. This is how my week usually goes:
Monday - Long list of things to do and the mindset "I have all week to do all of this stuff!"
Tuesday - Still have a lot of time. Oh look, Pinterest!
Wednesday - Oh man. Just a couple more days. Better get busy.
Thursday - Crap.
Friday - Looks like I'm working on a Friday night.
Saturday - Time to do the laundry.
Sunday - Relax. A little bit.

Here's to a stress-free week.

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